First quarter moon photo taken November 2016 with 100 mm refracting telescope and Canon DSLR

My latest thoughts on retirement and how we are doing, are frequently added to the end of the "Leaving the Workplace" section

Preparing the inflatable kayak for another voyage on a local lake, 8-25-16

My latest project nearing completion. Homebuilt 6", F15 refracting telescope and mount. 2-27-17

New England is known for it's spectacular Fall foliage. Early morning walk in West Hartford, CT 10-20-16.

Kent Falls State Park, Kent, CT  3-30-17 

"Snowbathing", Waiting for the Blizzard to ramp up!


Why be retired if you are not HEALTHY and HAPPY? There are many things you can do prior to your retirement and after that will reward you for your many years of hard work.

What to expect from    this website

Tips on: ​Preparing for Retirement, Simple Ways to Save Money, Preparing and Eating Healthy Foods, Making Logical Choices, Developing Good Habits, Proper Exercise for your Age, Avoiding Common Pitfalls, Enjoying your Hobbies, Traveling Smart, and many more topics of interest.

What not to expect, ​Investment advice

I hope that you will find the information within this site helpful. I am very aware that our lifestyle differs greatly from the norm. With thoughtful spending, diligent saving and a dedication to healthy living we have accomplished much more than we could ever have imagined when we first met in 1977.

This spot is great for news, announcements, tips and things. Rotate frequently.

Here I am early September 2014. Already a veteran of 10 weeks of retirement.​ Hammonassett State Park, CT

​​Welcome, Let's Make the Most of Your Retirement